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Mobile Marketing for Local Businesses:

Chances are, a good percentage of your customers are on their mobile device right now. The use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets is steadily growing. Mobile is well on track to becoming the center of marketing. From smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, the evolution of the mobile device is a prime factor influencing the marketing world.

Reach your current and prospective customers on their device of choice… their mobile phone.

LMS Solutions offers a selection of mobile marketing solutions specifically designed to help local businesses increase revenue through customer retention and acquisition.

Mobile Apps

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a mobile app for your business? Have you been told that they are too expensive? We say hogwash!

We launched LMS Solutions to make sure small and medium sized businesses could have access to the same marketing platforms that the large, Fortune 500 companies utilize. We’ve been able to do the same for Mobile Apps – offering cutting-edge Mobile Apps at an affordable rate – while still including an incredible list of functionality options.

mobile apps for small businesses | LMS Solutions

Text Messaging

Text Messaging for Small Businesses

Text messages have a 95% open rate! If you aren’t using it to actively engage your client base, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, but doing it right takes time and a constant effort. Many small business owners don’t have the time or training in order to properly manage their text messaging platforms… And that’s where we come in.

Our clients simply call or e-mail us letting us know what they want to send out, and when they want it to be distributed. We do all the back-end work. Plus, we provide professionally designed collateral that our clients can use to build up their consumer opt-in database. The more consumers in the database, the more positive impact each text message campaign will have.

We offer several different package levels, allowing you to start off small and grow as your customer database grows.

QR Codes

Turn your store and marketing collateral into an interactive wonderland for your customers. Position your business as a cutting-edge, forward thinking business by leveraging interactive content that current and potential customers can access through their mobile devices. QR Codes – We’ll create and manage dynamic QR Codes that can be placed on collateral throughout your store. Here are just a few examples:

  • Place a QR Code on collateral in your lobby, dining area, waiting room cashier area, etc. When a customer scans the code, they are shown a video about your business and the services you provide.
  • Leverage a QR Code that allows customers to easily “Like” your Facebook page as they are checking out.
  • Include QR Codes on your marketing collateral, including your brochures, ads and business cards.
  • Allow customers to enter special Social Media contests through their mobile device by scanning a QR Code

We generate your QR codes, embedding the required action in the design. We then provide you with high-resolution versions of your QR codes to be used in print advertising, business stationary, or on product labels.

Dynamic QR Codes

While many companies now offer QR Codes, our technology continues to be cutting-edge.  Our software allows us to modify the functionality of the code, even after it is printed.  For example, if you utilize a QR code on your business card, and three months after printing them you want to change the page on your website that the QR code opens, we can easily modify the code functionality to accommodate the change.  Try that with a normal QR Code!

QR codes can be designed to perform a large number of actions.What’s great is that when your QR code is used, it performs the exact action that you desire, such as taking them directly to a certain page of your website. You no longer have to count on the user to type in a url, or to dial a phone number. You control their action and bypass any chance of them getting distracted.

Custom QR Code Creation

Have questions about how we’re helping businesses like your increase sales through an effective mobile marketing?  Ready to incorporate mobile marketing into your strategy? Give us a call at (484) 893-4055, or click on the Free Consultation Request button below.

We’d love to help… It’s what we do!